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My student life with Vélhop

If you are a student in the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg, there's a new way to get around with Vélhop! Whether you need to get to your course, explore the city or just take a stroll, you'll find a package to suit your needs.

With Vélhop,

Forget the hassle of public transport and parking problems, and opt for a fast, environmentally-friendly solution during your student years. With affordable rates, flexible rentals and regular bike maintenance, Vélhop is your ideal partner for unrestricted mobility through the lively streets of Strasbourg. Discover our Student Offer and pedal your way to an unforgettable student experience without breaking the bank!


My personal and economical means of transport during all my studies


My daily journeys without transport difficulties


Taking care of my health and reducing stress by enjoying physical activity


Exploring the Eurometropolis in a unique and immersive way


Choosing an environmentally friendly means of transport

Student Offer

What if you have a Vélhop for personal use during the school year?

The student offer can be taken out from 15 August 2023 for a maximum of 10 months and ends on 15 July 2024 at the latest.

Reserved for university students in the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg under the age of 26, the student subscription entitles you to a classic bike for hire during the current academic year.

You can apply:

  • At the Central Station Agency

Rate for the 2023/2024 school year: €48

Required documents:

  • Valid identity document
  • Proof of address less than 3 months old
  • Deposit of €200 (by SEPA money order, with a bank details form or by cheque)
  • Student card for the 2023/24 academic year (*only available to students from the city and Eurometropolis of Strasbourg).

My future Vélhop

Get around with the classic Vélhop during your years of study in the Eurometropolis.

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