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Vélhop, the bike share service of Eurométropole de Strasbourg, offers you comfortable, well-maintained and safe bikes. Long-term hire offers you a preferential price at a self-hire station or a bike from a rental shop for personal use, for several months to one year. With a subscription, you get a bike and its accessories, as well as shop maintenance services. You can manage your bike as you like, in absolute safety.

Rent a Vélhop

Once you have subscribed to the Vélhop service, this formula allows you to hire a bike from a self-hire station at the very attractive price of €0.20/hour.
The Liberté formula
Go to a Vélhop rental shop. Take out a subscription from 1 month to 12 months. Your card is configured (Vélhop, PassMobilité, Badgéo Passcampus).
Charge your card up with €5/10/20 at a self-hire station (a mast with a CB sign), by telephone on +33 9 69 39 36 67 or in a Vélhop shop. Each time you rent a bike, the amount is deducted from your card.
Hire a bike
Taking out and returning the bike at the self-hire station is the same as for a short-term hire. The subscription card gives you direct access to the service.
Take out and return a bike

Supporting documents

Valid proof of identity
Valid proof of identity
  • French or foreign national identity card
  • French or foreign passport
  • French or foreign driving licence
  • Temporary residence card, residence permit, EU member state card
Deposit of €150 or €300 depending on the type of bike
Deposit of €150 or €300 depending on the type of bike
  • In cash
  • By cheque made out to Strasbourg Mobilités
Proof of address
Proof of address
  • Water, electricity, gas or phone bill (including mobile telephone)
  • Tax payment notice
  • Proof of home insurance (fire, tenant risks or civil liability)
  • Property deed or rent receipt

Cash, cheque made out to Strasbourg Mobilités, credit or debit card (excluding American Express)


Discover or rediscover cycling with Vélhop and if you’re convinced, buy your own bike.
1-month card
3-month card
12-month card
Level 1 top-up
Level 2 top-up
Level 3 top-up
1 to 5 hours
5 to 12 hours
1 day (24 hours)
2 days (48 hours)
3 days (72 hours)
More than 3 consecutive days: return to the self-hire station and swap the bike

The price depends on the period of use. Every hour commenced is due. Maximum rental period: 3 days, i.e. 72 consecutive hours. If the bicycle has not been returned to the station after this time, the deposit may be debited, pursuant to the T&Cs.

Prices indicated include VAT at 20%.


What is the minimum age for access to the Vélhop service?

The service is accessible to persons over the age of 16, who acknowledge that they know how to ride a bike and do not suffer from any medical problems preventing them from doing so.

How long does the subscription period last?

A subscription is taken out for one month (self-hire station only), three months or twelve months.

Is the deposit debited?

The deposit is only debited if the bike is not returned at the end of the rental period or in the event of damage, theft or inappropriate use of the equipment.

Can I cancel my subscription? If so, can I receive any compensation for the months not used?

Yes, it is possible to cancel your subscription. However, no compensation or refund will be granted.

What do I do if my bike is stolen?

If your Vélhop is stolen, you must:

  • report it to the nearest police station,
  • contact +33 9 69 39 36 67 as soon as possible,
  • send the report by post to Vélhop.

As the bike is your responsibility, the deposit will be debited (see T&Cs).

What do I do if I have an accident with a Vélhop?

Contact the hotline on +33 3 88 40 78 42 as soon as possible.

  • Accident between a bike and car: Send a copy of the accident report or police report in the event of a hit-and-run.
  • Accident between a bike and a pedestrian: Report the accident to your civil liability insurer and send it to us by post.
  • Accident with the bike: Write a letter explaining the circumstances and the damage to yourself and to the bike.
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