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Vélhop, the bike share service of Eurométropole de Strasbourg, offers you comfortable, well-maintained and safe bikes. Save time and money with Vélhop. Beat the traffic and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. With regular or electric bikes available, this provides an alternative to a company car. Optimise employee mobility with the environmentally-friendly Vélhop.

Hire one or several bikes

Open cards provide 24/7 access to a bike at one of the 20 Vélhop self-hire stations in Strasbourg.
The service
1- to 12-month subscription. With the Liberté card, you can enjoy an 80% reduction and hire a bike from a self-hire station at the very attractive price of €0.20/hour.
Liberté formula
Yearly subscription. With the Station Liberté+ card you have unlimited access at the 20 self-hire Vélhop stations.
Station Liberté+ formula
Go to a Vélhop shop or contact the Sales Division to get your cards or to charge up the subscription on your travel cards.
How to subscribe

Supporting documents

Valid proof of identity
Valid proof of identity
  • A copy of the proof of ID of the professional or the company’s contract manager
  • A copy of the company’s registration certificate (K-BIS) or Sirene register (for entreprises individuelles) or a copy of the Articles of Association
  • Cash, cheque made out to Strasbourg Mobilités, credit or debit card (excluding American Express)
  • A purchasing order or service order for payment by bank transfer
Bike personalisation option
Bike personalisation option

Company logo in vector file in CMYK colours (pdf, eps or ai formats)

1-month card
3-month card
12-month card
Station Liberté+ card
€4, €8, €17
€5, €10, €20
1 to 5 hours
5 to 12 hours
1 day (24 hours)
2 days (48 hours)
3 days (72 hours)
More than 3 consecutive days: return to the self-hire station and swap the bike

Companies are exempt of the €150 deposit for a regular bike and the €300 deposit for an electric bike.

The price depends on the period of use. Every hour commenced is due. Maximum rental period: 3 days, i.e. 72 consecutive hours. If the bicycle has not been returned to the station after this time, the deposit may be debited, pursuant to the T&Cs.

Prices indicated include VAT at 20%.


How long does the subscription period last?

Subscriptions are for a fixed duration from date to date (3 months, 6 months, 1 year) starting on the day the bikes are collected from the shop or delivered to your premises.

Can the company cancel its subscription? If so, can it receive any compensation for the months not used?

Yes, it is possible to cancel a subscription. However, no compensation or refund will be granted.

Is it possible to rent fewer than 5 electric bikes or 10 regular bikes under the premium formula?

Yes, it is possible. Additional charges will apply corresponding to services supplied on site, according to the number of bikes desired.

What do I do if a bike is vandalised or stolen or has an accident?

File a report at the nearest police station and advise the Vélhop shop or Sales Department as soon as possible. Bikes and their accessories remain the responsibility of the user throughout the rental period.Any repairs to and/or replacement of bikes and/or their accessories in the event of damage, loss or theft will be subject to an additional charge in accordance with current prices.

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